About Us

Tirthas Partners was formed in 2018 by a group of individuals who believe in providing wealth building opportunities that ensure the clients of our distribution network have the very best opportunities to grow their assets.

We are driven with a passion for excellence and ensure maximum penetration of opportunities in a competitive market, ensuring future growth and retention of our distribution networks clients, and ultimately – their wealth.

We provide the most robust opportunities with a strong focus towards sustainable alternative investments, as well as traditional income generating assets.

Selected from our trusted and experienced partners from all over the globe which include asset managers, fund managers and family offices, we confidently deliver on time, every time.

It is our experience and in-depth knowledge of sourcing potentially high performing opportunities, linked with our creative thinking from an enthusiastic and driven team that enables us to identify each partners unique requirements and achieve optimum performance for investors, product developers and distributors.

Tirthas Partners has exclusive relationships with a significant range of alternative investment opportunities.

Worldwide Network

Our distribution partner network has proven itself time and time again to achieve significant market penetration for income generating products.

100% Satisfaction

Our distribution network has a proven track record of generating new clients for alternative investment opportunities and retaining clients of our partners.

Transparent Pricing Policy

All products that our expert team source have a 100% transparent policy so investors and introducers are fully aware of what fees are charged.


The products we secure and have exclusive relationships with have a long standing history of providing sustainable capital growth for investors.

Contact us if you are an investor seeking potential capital growth opportunities, a product owner looking for ways to increase your market share or a distributor looking for the latest alternative investments to offer your network.

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