Let Us Source The Best Alternative Investment Opportunities For You


Tirthas Partners

We help all our partners uncover potentially high-value, investment opportunities deals with product developers from around the globe, as well as solid investments for retail investors or large institutions – we can provide an array of products to suit, with assured returns, fixed income products, income generating assets, with the underlying asset providing a solid and robust investment opportunity.

We work very closely with our partners with whom we bring a combined expertise of over 30 years to the table, ensuring that we have created an extensive network that can always deliver. It is this combination that enables us to open many doors that are normally closed and deliver unique proposals to our clients.

As you will no doubt be aware the products available are in strong demand and is a magnet for UHNW and institutional investors. For this, time is often an issue. It could be preferred, as mentioned above, to discretely scout the market on a clear instruction and mandate of a potential investor and source the requirements when presented to us.

Acorn 2 Oak Group has built up a large global network with proven off market connections and quality product developers during its tenure.

We have access to a number of high profile alternative investments most are not commercially available and some are strictly by invitation only.

We are mandated directly through the seller or, are direct to the owner to ensure full deliverability and can source many ‘trophy’ assets for UHNW’s and Overseas Investors, Pension Funds, Family Offices,

We constantly receive a whole array of investment opportunities to promote and due to our stellar reputation built are able to carry out significant due diligence to ensure the products we make available have gone through a stringent analysis.

To view the latest exclusive products Acorn 2 Oak Group have sourced please login here. If you do not have a login please contact us here to request a login.

Access to the products available will be provided to:

– Potential Investors

– Potential Partners – looking for capital growth opportunities to distribute

– Product Developers – looking for ways to distribute their product

When requesting access to the product list please be sure to tell us your reason for contacting us to ensure you gain correct access and we can provide you with the correct information relevant to your enquiry.  Contact us here to request access or login here if you already have a username and password.

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