What Key Factors Do We Look For When Selecting A Product To Share To Our Network


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Once a decision has been made to apply some rigorous selection criteria, the next obvious question would be, what criteria do we use to choose the best opportunities in the industry? Our team broke down the criteria as below:

  • Reliability is the first factor as whatever we select has proven itself time and time again
  • Next would be the licensing. With several jurisdictions offering several kinds of licenses and with platforms using multiple licenses, it does make it a difficult task to find the right one. We ensure all the products selected meet the licensing requirements for the type of investment
  • The fees and the charges that the investment charges are also key factors that need to be looked at as these eat into your profits and if they are too much – therefore we ensure the products selected put the client first to help our partners retain their clients.

What are the Things That you Should Look for?

Among several factors, the key would be the reliability, licensing, trading conditions and the fund safety. A perusal of their website and their reviews on various websites would help in decision making.

Should I go with Investments that give the Best Offers?

Be careful about investments that give too many offers. At the end, it is a business for all and it is a low margin business at best. So, if a platform gives too many offers, then there needs to be something suspicious on how they make their profits. Check for the factors listed above and if the platform satisfies these, go ahead even if they don’t give any offers.

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